Gestational carrier for single

The real world dictates alternative outlooks on life - more and more men and women are moving away from traditional ideas about marriage and living together. But the instinct for the extension of the genus takes its toll. And any person, regardless of gender and marital status, once thinks about a child.

Thanks to progressive technologies of ART, now even a loner can expect to leave on Earth its continuation of genus. An effective solution for single people to feel what it is to be a parent.

The process of gestational carrier for singles

  1. Data collection, medical examinations, selection of the optimal type of examinations.
  2. Selection of candidates for the role of a substitute mother.
  3. The standard program for substitute mother with her material or organic mother transfer.

Feskov Human Reproduction Group has an extensive database of verified substitute mothers of any phenotype. Depending on the package person who is about to become a parent has the right to a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the candidate personally.


Laws about gestational carrier for single

The world's position regarding gestational carriage is contradictory. As such, the legal fines are quite complex and vary depending on local laws. The situation becomes more complicated when it is planned not by a couple, but by a parent without a partner.

In the Ukrainian state, such services are officially permitted by law. After the program, you can go to another country where there is a corresponding law!

The team at our clinic has developed several special services for the comfort of single patients who are not officially married:

For example, in the UK, a gestational carrier is allowed, but the destiny of the baby is decided by the court anyway, and he is not on the side of singles. In Israel - it is required to be officially married. And in the US, legislation varies from state to state, so you need to study it very carefully.

In the following countries, the law allows such an ART method for women without a partner:

In any case, the clinic specialists will select the option that suits everyone.

Gestational carrier vs. adoption. What to choose ?

The second option for singles is adoption. It is always welcome when someone wants to give love to an abandoned baby.

The advantages and disadvantages of both methods for comparison:

You can talk about the feasibility of any of these two options for a long time. But one thing is certain - gestational carrier makes it possible to love and take care of a biological baby without a husband or partner. The main thing is a positive attitude and confidence in success! And the clinic staff of prof. Feskov, in turn, will guide you through all the steps of the program as conveniently, safely, and efficiently as possible. And very soon, you could strain your little baby to your heart!

Modern men and women in the era of tremendous opportunities can afford to live a life of pleasure, build a successful career, and business and realize their dreams. It is absolutely logical to clarify the question “What about the baby?”

A characteristic feature of the 21st century is the rejection of such traditional notions of the family like marriage, marriage certificates, etc. Often with age, people come to their main dream: procreation.

Additional services

The Feskov Human Reproduction Group provides the possibility of the program with a substitute mother for people who are not officially married.

With us, you can find the happiness of parenthood with our unique services:


Once you have selected a substitute mother, we perform the program. All materials are transported to another country, where the gestational carrier is allowed for couples who are not officially married. We organize the labor of the substitute mother in any country of the world.

We will help you to realize your dream in the clinics of the countries where gestational carrier is allowed for couples who are not officially married:

And in other countries, according to your wishes.

Contact our Center, and you will find out how we will do it for you!

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Skype: surrogacy_feskov


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