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Surrogacy in Germany: Legislation and Cost

  1. 🩺 Surrogacy in Germany - legal criteria
  2. 🤰 How much do you need to pay for German surrogacy?
  3. ⭐ The reasons why Ukraine took the place of the world leader in surrogacy

Specialists at Feskov Human Reproductive Group, the leading Reproduction Center in Ukraine, are dealing with the issue.

Surrogacy in Germany - legal criteria

In fact, German law imposes a ban on this method of reproductive medicine. According to the German law "On the protection of embryos" of 1991, all medical manipulations that may entail illegal operations with an emerging human life are prohibited on the territory of the country. This leads to great restrictions and obstacles in the development of German reproductive medicine.

Legislation allows women to carry and give birth only to their own child, with whom there is a genetic link. Therefore, although IVF is legalized, it is only subject to the use of own eggs. According to statistics, 30% of German women successfully become pregnant with the help of artificial insemination.

Such severe restrictions in the field of reproduction in the home country lead to the fact that many childless German couples go on a forced trip to foreign countries for a baby where surrogacy and donation of genetic material are legal.

Alternatively, you can use to the services of a surrogate mother from the neighboring UK or the Netherlands where free or altruistic surrogacy is legalized - no fee for a person who has carried for 9 months and given birth to a child. But the most loyal country in this matter is Ukraine. At the same time, it is the most affordable concerning infertility treatment services. Therefore, many Germans turn their eyes to it.

How much do you need to pay for German surrogacy?

Childless couples from all over the world go on a reproductive pilgrimage to Ukraine. Affordable and fixed prices for comprehensive programs of substitution motherhood, excellent level of medical service. Decency and responsibility of Ukrainian surrogates turns the country into the epicenter of medical tourism, where any family can fulfill the dream of their own offspring.

Ukraine is considered the cheapest state in which infertility is treated, using advanced ART methods. The average amount is affordable for couples who do not have the opportunity to use such services in their jurisdiction.

Even if you add up the costs of flights, travel and other similar costs, paying for surrogate services for a Ukrainian woman will be cheaper than in the USA and Canada, countries with legalized surrogacy.

So, the approximate budget of the program consists of the following costs:

  • surrogate mother's remuneration, consisting of two parts. The first is paid after successful IVF, the second - after childbirth;
  • various examinations, analyzes, medical expenses;
  • required preparations;
  • IVF cycle;
  • expenses of the surrogate for transfer, clothing, food;
  • monitoring of the pregnancy process, the necessary medical support;
  • natural childbirth or caesarean section.

It happens that you have to pay for a nanny for a surrogate baby, rent in Kiev in the last trimester of pregnancy or before childbirth, additional examinations, visits to related specialists - a psychologist, a lawyer.

The final order of expenses is discussed at the initial stage of the event with a detailed indication of all the details in the contract.

The reasons why Ukraine took the place of the world leader in surrogacy

Ukraine is one of the few jurisdictions where almost all advanced ART methods are legal. IVF and surrogacy are the most effective medical ways to become parents even in seemingly desperate situations.

There are more than 30 infertility treatment clinics in the country, thanks to which about 12,000 surrogate babies were born. These include Feskov Human Reproductive Group in Kharkov.

Foreign couples from all over the world come to Ukraine to avoid problems with the law, to receive reproductive services at a high level.

Pros of Ukrainian treatment:

  1. Decent level of medical service. The activities of accredited clinics, in addition to the relevant state bodies, are monitored by the Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine. The organization annually holds thematic international congresses. And the law controls the quality of the services provided.
  2. Low prices. The country boasts the lowest cost of programs to treat various kinds of disabilities. Even not wealthy couples who cannot afford such treatment in their homeland are able to receive treatment in Ukraine.
  3. Legality. In Ukraine, surrogacy is absolutely legal and regulated by legislative acts. In serious centers, like at Feskov Human Reproductive Group, a team of lawyers work who draw up a contract that protects the rights and defines the obligations of the participants. At the same time, the amount of payments to a surrogate mother is not fixed in the law.
  4. A systematic approach to the treatment of infertility. For example, if a woman is not able to bear and give birth to a child herself, she can turn to a surrogate mother for help. But, when the mother's eggs are not suitable for IVF or they are not available at all, then donor oocytes can be used. This gives women with severe reproductive pathologies a chance to become a mother.
  5. Registration of a birth certificate and other papers for a newborn. At Feskov Human Reproductive Group, legalization of a baby and legal support are included in the cost of comprehensive surrogacy packages. The names of the real parents are entered into the documents as soon as possible. Thus, the surrogate mother has no rights to the child and cannot appeal this in court.
  6. A wide range of clinics for the treatment of infertility. One of which is Feskov Human Reproductive Group. The center has its own database of surrogate mothers and egg donors. A personalized approach to each case makes it possible to choose a comprehensive program that best suits the needs of patients. And the fixed cost and range of all-inclusive services allow you to expect the baby to appear in peace and comfort.

Feskov Human Reproductive Group has been fulfilling the dream of many foreign couples about their own son or daughter for more than 25 years!


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