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Private surrogacy in Canada

    First the good news. Private surrogacy in Canada also exists on an altruistic basis: future parents pay only for accommodation, food, clothes and other necessary expenses of the surrogate mother during pregnancy. Otherwise, they are expected to be in severe financial turmoil.

    The first shock on the way of future parents is surrogate services in Canada cost. Reproductive clinic services are paid in separate bills. They include IVF procedures (one payment gives the right to 1 embryo transfer. In case of failure, re-payment is required), medical procedures, medications, pregnancy, delivery services (in case of necessity caesarean section several thousand dollars are added to the total amount), mediation services (if the clinic provides surrogates), legal support. And this is not the whole surrogate services in Canada cost price may contain hidden charges.

    The way to the birth of a child can take a lot of time, and the total cost can approach a six-figure amount, even if you use private surrogacy in Canada. There are no guarantee programs, a married couple may be left without a child, having spent huge sums.

    If you dream of a healthy baby born with the help of private surrogacy in Canada, but are not able to afford such expenses, the Feskov Human Reproduction Group has a special offer.

     Don’t be bothered by the surrogate services in Canada cost: a guaranteed pregnancy of a surrogate mother by a healthy child without payment of unsuccessful IVF will be provided in our clinic in Ukraine. For delivery, we will organize a transfer of surrogate mother to Canada, and after the birth of a child, our lawyers will assist in obtaining citizenship. That is, at a price ten times lower than the Canadian, you are guaranteed to become the parents of a healthy child with Canadian citizenship.

    Learn more from the consultant on our website - we will be happy to provide you with a step-by-step description of the cooperation.

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