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The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine

Parenthood is one of the joys that most people look for, especially when they have families and reach stable income. Being able to provide their future children with everything that makes a happy and successful life, potential parents consider having a child. However, despite the fact that for some people, motherhood and fatherhood become the most desired things they wish, many couples are unable to conceive a child. Poor ecology, disbalanced lifestyle, high levels of stress, inherited health issues and dozens of other factors contribute to creation of such state when pregnancy is impossible. It should be noted that both partners may be unable to have children, and men are as vulnerable in this case as women are.

However, breaking the family or diving into despair is not an option; there is a way out. Surrogate maternity may be the best decision out of all possible variants. Wisely managed, healthy, safe, and technologically advantaged, this option should be considered by couples that faced such a problem.

But what is the average cost of surrogacy? The aim of this section is to answer all your questions clearly. Read on to discover detailed information on pricing policies in our facility in Ukraine. Comparison to other facilities is also provided.

Who We Are

Feskov Surrogacy Center is one of the leading Ukrainian facilities committed to helping potential parents to embrace that most important bundle of life and joy—a baby. Our clinic was founded by and operates under the wise leadership of Professor Alexandr Mikhailovich Feskov. The internationally acclaimed and renowned professor has been working in the field of infertility treatment, IVF, and surrogacy for more than 33 years. Besides, he is a member of the ESHRE and Ukrainian Reproductive Medicine Association’s board.

Moreover, the clinic has international connections within and outside Europe. We operate in countries such as USA, UK, Spain, Italy, France, China, Brazil, Germany, Sri Lanka, only to mention but a few.

Feskov Surrogacy Costs And Fees

Here is a comprehensive list of our surrogate cost and fees.

Surrogate mother cost
  • STANDARD SM + IVF €22, 650

    Examination of a couple before Individual IVF program and search of a surrogate mother.

  • Comfort guarantee €37,500

    Guarantee IVF + PGD (NGS) + surrogate mother + egg donation

  • Low-cost guarantee €28,700
Economy class guarantee programs
  • For singles: surrogate motherhood + egg donation €59,998

    Surrogate motherhood program and egg donation services for a single man or non-married couples

  • Egg donor + IVF program €4,750
Egg donation program with individual services
  • VIP guarantee packages cost €48,998

The Prices For Extra Services

Here is a list of extra expenses you will need to incur on your way to happy parenthood.

  • Standard legal fees €1,200
  • Personal contact with egg donors €5,000
  • Surrogate mother’s travelling to any clinic across the world €2,500
  • Transportation of cryopreserved eggs €1,350
  • Provision of a surrogate mother candidate €1,600
  • The preservation and storage of cord blood/placental tissue €1,090

A Comparison Table Of Surrogacy Cost In Various Countries

This table gives you a comparison of what you will have to pay for surrogacy services with and without an IVF.

 Surrogacy Cost without IVFSurrogacy Cost with IVF
United States (standard) $98,000 USD $146,500 USD
United States(negotiated) $91,000 USD $95,000 USD
Ukraine $40,000 USD $48,500 USD
United Kingdom $55,000 USD $85,000 USD
Canada $50,000 USD $80,000 USD
Kenya $39,900 USD $45,000 USD
India $40,000 USD $49,000 USD

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost?

Since surrogacy is a costly process, you should prepare to pay for it after you have decided that you will use the service. But how much does it cost to have a successful surrogacy procedure? The truth is that the cost of such a process depends on many factors, and hence, there is no single answer to this question. Here, we shall discuss some of the factors that contribute to the overall cost of surrogacy. Averagely, the estimated cost of managing a surrogate birth ranges between $165,000 and $240,000 even though the actual price will depend on the services a couple needs in its unique circumstances.

For instance, we have other costs such as the surrogate mother’s fees, the cost of IVF, legal fees, logistical costs if the mother needs to travel, and any specialized treatment that may be needed. Also, you should be ready to foot egg donor cost as well as the cost of maintaining the surrogate mother during the gestational period of carrying your expected child. Therefore, it is necessary for the intended parents to know these facts beforehand to prepare not just for the medical procedures, but other costs as well.

The Benefits Of Using Our Surrogacy Services

So how do our services stand out of the crowd in Ukraine and the world at large? Here are the benefits our customers enjoy when they choose us:

  • A cumulative experience of more than 12 years, allowing us to master every detail of the process;
  • We have a wider coverage with more than 52 countries provided with our services;
  • We have a higher success rate of between 60 and 70 percent;
  • We have a positive reputation worldwide, and you can rely on it;
  • Personalized attention and approach to meet your individual needs and expectations;
  • Excellent medical services;
  • Excellent legal processes;
  • You can choose your desired child’s gender;
  • We allow you a possibility to know the egg donor personally;
  • We offer a complete registration of passport for a baby in your resident state;
  • Our experts are multilingual since they can communicate in Polish, English, German, French, and all the languages in the more than 52 states we operate in, to facilitate easy and efficient communication;
  • We conserve the umbilical blood and placental tissues;
  • We transport cryopreserved eggs and embryos;
  • We select our surrogate mothers carefully;
  • Births take place in high-quality and reputable private maternity clinics;
  • We enable you to choose an individual sperm donor