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About changes in surrogate motherhood in Ukraine:

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Currently in Ukraine:

The activities of official surrogate motherhood clinics are approved and welcomed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. We are such a clinic.

Our prof. Feskov A.M. clinic has the highest reliability and enjoys trust precisely among foreign citizens.
All children born as a result of surrogate motherhood programs went home with their genetic parents without hindrance.

The standard practice of leaving Ukraine with a baby is to visit the consulate to obtain a travel document or passport. In addition to the standard practice of leaving Ukraine, we successfully carry out repeatedly tested methods:

If you have any questions about participating in surrogate motherhood programs, you can ask your questions to our lawyers, in the contact form, or by contacting directly.

In Vitro Fertilization in Georgia (IVF)

In vitro fertilization is one of the assisted reproductive techniques aimed at solving the problem of infertility. Nowadays, many couples who face this diagnosis go abroad to receive treatment, as sometimes neighboring states can provide more modern conditions at an affordable cost. IVF clinics in Georgia are not an exception.

Modern Georgia attracts many medical tourists who have problems with the conception. To a large extent, the popularity of clinics specializing in IVF, ICSI, egg donation, and surrogate motherhood in Georgia is associated with the sufficiently low cost of an in vitro fertilization compared to the prices for similar services offered in Europe or the USA.

Best clinics in Georgia (IVF) are ready to offer foreign patients a wide range of infertility treatment with the best programs and techniques. High-tech reproductive programs in Georgia have made it possible for many families to feel the joy of motherhood and paternity.


Each IVF clinic of Georgia has extensive experience in the infertility treatment and can deal with any problem associated with the reproductive health of the patient. In cases when it is recommended to access the services of a surrogate mother or an egg donor, Georgian clinics have a large donor base you can turn to. In addition to the considerably low IVF cost, Georgian legislation is loyal to reproductive programs and takes the side of biological parents, which eases the process of issuing the birth certificate of the child. What is more, the clinics of Georgia guarantee full preservation of anonymity to each patient.

Before starting the program of in vitro fertilization in Georgia, doctors always conduct a thorough examination of both partners who cannot conceive naturally for a long time. After the medical tests, it is possible to determine a real cause of the problem and to select the most appropriate therapy.

Facts about IVF in Georgia

  • 50-70% reproductive programs and surrogate motherhood programs are cheaper than in other countries;
  • legislation on reproductive medicine in Georgia is liberal and permits programs of donation and surrogate motherhood, fully legally protecting the rights of biological parents and issuing the birth certificate of the child;
  • the high success rate of reproductive programs;
  • all doctors with experience of at least 10 years; many of them are candidates and doctors of medical sciences;
  • ultra-modern equipment of European and American manufacturers;
  • diagnostic base providing a comprehensive examination of infertile couples (it is included in the cost of in vitro fertilization in Georgia);
  • a vast experience in the treatment of complex cases of infertility;
  • own bank of donor sperm and oocytes; legal surrogate motherhood programs;
  • all examinations and tests for pregnancy planning and infertility treatment are conducted in one place;
  • personal coordinators who are in contact 24/7.

However, what makes almost all fertility-challenged couples seek for treatment in Georgia is affordable prices for a full range for reproductive medicine services. The average cost of IVF in Georgia is several times cheaper than prices for in vitro fertilization in the USA.

What Methodologies Are Included in the In Vitro Fertilization Cost?

When dealing with the problem of infertility, Georgian clinics provide the following package of services:

  • Carrying out the correct treatment of pathologies that can be transmitted sexually, infectious and gynecological diseases;
  • Solution of the problem of infertility associated with the immune system challenges;
  • Therapy of endocrine infertility, which includes a full course of ovaries stimulation and menstrual cycle normalization;
  • Carrying out the procedure of in vitro fertilization, insemination of the egg with the sperm of the husband or a donor;
  • Carrying out ART – an auxiliary reproductive technology which involves the intracytoplasmic injections into the oocyte in case of male infertility, sperm aspiration, and the use of cryopreserved blastocysts (embryos).

Although the cost of in vitro fertilization in Georgia is considerably low, this in no way affects the level of the medicine. The quality of medical services provided in Georgia is not inferior to identical treatment in the USA and European countries. It provides comprehensive legal assistance and guarantees confidentiality to each patient.

How Much Does In Vitro Fertilization Cost in Georgia?

The cost of IVF in Georgia depends on the clinic and a package of services you choose. For example, conducting IVF using the ICSI method under anesthesia costs approximately $ 3,500, and the package includes the following procedures in its cost:

  • Ovaries stimulation;
  • Puncture of ovaries (under anesthesia);
  • Preparation of the sperm of the husband using HTF technology;
  • Cultivation of oocytes using ICSI technology;
  • Embryos transfer into the uterine cavity of the future mother.

In case you need a surrogate motherhood service with the use of donor eggs or a biological mother, medical care will cost about $ 38,000.

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