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How Can I Afford Surrogacy? Terms and conditions of guaranteed programs

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But is there a price that can exceed the priceless happiness of parenthood? People who have problems conceiving and bearing a child are interested in the cost of hiring a surrogate mother and try to understand the total expected costs in order to plan the budget for their reproductive journey.

This material is written for intended parents asking themselves the questions: “Is surrogacy expensive?”, “What is the cost of hiring a surrogate?”, “How to afford surrogacy?” and other budget-sensitive issues.

Cost of surrogacy

How Can I Afford Surrogacy?

In case of contraindications to bearing a child or the impossibility of this process, intended parents are likely to think about paying for surrogacy. This makes all the more sense if the woman’s medical history includes cases of miscarriage. Taking into account such historical data, the thought “How to afford a surrogate mother?” becomes one of the main ones. The likelihood of conceiving and bearing a child for a woman who has already undergone this process is significantly higher than for the intended mother who has resorted to IVF.

Is surrogacy expensive? The answer depends on a huge number of factors, starting with the choice of the country for the reproductive program and ending with, but not limited to, the complexity of the process of legalizing a newborn in the selected country.                                                                                                                                                                             

Here are just the most significant factors that shape the final price of a reproductive program with the participation of a surrogate mother:

  • payment for surrogacy agency services;
  • comprehensive medical examination of the surrogate mother before entering the program: tests, examination by doctors, consultations with a reproductive psychologist, etc.;
  • study of the genetic material of the intended parents (if necessary, the use of donor eggs or sperm);
  • creation and cultivation of embryos (the service becomes more expensive if additional options are used, for example, choosing the sex of the child, excluding predisposition to hereditary and chromosomal diseases);
  • preparation and implementation of embryo transfer (IVF);
  • cost of hiring a surrogate mother: monthly payments and final fee for the birth of a child;
  • compensation for the surrogate mother's expenses: food, examinations, clothing, transportation, etc.;
  • medical supervision, pregnancy management;
  • inpatient or outpatient treatment to maintain pregnancy if necessary;
  • management of childbirth (natural);
  • legal services for the legalization of a newborn.
  • associated expenses (postnatal care for the surrogate mother and child, payment for a nanny, etc.)
  • accommodation and meals for the intended parents while awaiting the birth of the child.

Additional costs may include increased benefits in the case of multiple pregnancies or caesarean sections for medical reasons.

In case of unsuccessful embryo transfer or termination of pregnancy, all these payments, including the cost of hiring a surrogate mother, will have to be paid again. Unless you are on a guaranteed reproductive program.

For example, Feskov Human Reproduction Group has many packages of services, including childbirth in different countries of the world, selection of a surrogate mother from a huge database of its own (this eliminates the need to pay for the services of a selection agency), a full cycle of medical procedures, management of pregnancy and childbirth, as well as legal support for the legalization of a newborn. And all this at a fixed price with a 100% guarantee of the birth of a healthy child.

If the embryo transfer does not lead to pregnancy or the pregnancy is terminated, the clinic will repeat the entire program at its own expense as many times as necessary for you to become parents. The average cost of a guaranteed surrogacy program from Feskov Human Reproduction Group is €70,000. The price includes the fee for the gestational carrier, which eliminates the question “How to afford a surrogate mother?”

Be very serious about studying the reproductive laws of the country where you decide to carry out the program. You will need consultation and subsequent legal support from a lawyer in the field of reproductive law at the stage of concluding a tripartite contract: between you, the surrogate mother and the reproductive clinic.

To plan your trip wisely, your contract should reflect the total cost of the program, compensation, expenses, payment schedule, etc.

How to afford surrogacy: solutions

How Can I Afford Surrogacy? - 2

Having received an idea of the approximate cost of reproductive programs, most people begin to look for ideas on how to pay for surrogacy. The most obvious options are: wait a few years to do this through savings; take out a loan, surrogacy with a family friend or relative and other options. If the intended parents manage to attract their surrogate mother to the program, then the cost of surrogacy with a family member will significantly decrease due to the absence of agency commissions. However, the decision to admit your candidate to the program is made by the attending physician, taking into account her physical and psychological suitability for the role.                                                                              

Here are a few ways to pay for surrogacy:

  1. Contact medical financial institutions. Many banks and credit institutions are willing to issue loans for medical programs.
  2. Find help from family or friends. Surrogacy with a friend, as well as the cost of surrogacy with a family member, greatly reduces the cost of the program and speeds up its start. In addition to saving money, this can take your emotional connections to a whole new level.
  3. Apply for a grant. There are enough charities that help people overcome the problem of infertility. Some organizations issue grants exclusively for IVF treatment, others finance programs with the participation of surrogate mothers. Pay attention also to government programs.
  4. Choose a good clinic. Confirm the high success rates of IVF, analyze the list of services to eliminate unnecessary procedures, consider the option of remote programs, including transportation of cryofrozen embryos or genetic materials to the clinic at the place of residence of your surrogate mother.
  5. Get your tax refund. Costs associated with IVF can be deducted from taxes. Keep all cheques and receipts, and get advice from a tax expert.

One way to reduce the costs of surrogacy is to plan your reproductive journey yourself. This frees the intended parents from paying for the services of an agency for selecting a surrogate mother, but involves many difficulties associated with coordinating the process:

  • select the country of the program and a suitable clinic;
  • get advice from a lawyer in the field of reproductive law;
  • involve your lawyers in drawing up a tripartite contract between the parents, the clinic and the surrogate mother;
  • agree on compensation with your surrogate mother, fix it in the contract;
  • pay for a full medical examination of your candidate for the role of a gestational carrier (most reproductive clinics trust solely the results of their examinations);
  • pay for services for the legalization of the child after his birth, etc.

The most preferred payment option for surrogacy ― payment for results, not services. Guaranteed reproductive programs come to the aid of intended parents with this. The essence of these programs for expectant parents is the fixed cost of a package of services, the result of which is the birth of a healthy child. As already noted, similar programs are offered by Feskov Human Reproduction Group. The clinic works ahead of the expectations of future parents: at your service is a huge database of surrogate mothers, the opportunity for the selected surrogate mother to come to your country to conduct the program and give birth in a partner clinic, and even remote guaranteed programs without the parents coming to the clinic!

Feskov Human Reproduction Group's remote programs include the service of transferring cryofrozen embryos (if you already have them) or genetic material for creating embryos in the clinic. Minimal participation will be required from future parents: you will only need to donate genetic material at a designated clinic in your country, and the clinic staff will do the rest. The intended parents will only have to come for their child! This is an excellent solution for surrogacy.

Thanks to partnerships with the best reproductive clinics in many countries around the world Feskov Human Reproduction Group can make dreams of a child come true for parents of any social status: officially married couples, partnerships, single women and men. Intended parents will also be able to reimburse part of the costs of the reproductive program from their insurance companies ― the clinic cooperates with many organizations.

All you need to afford surrogacy is to make a list of your expectations, indicate your estimated budget for the reproductive journey and seek advice from our site manager. All package programs of Feskov Human Reproduction Group are flexible and can be adapted to each individual request of the intended parents.

Surrogacy is more accessible than you thought, and a 100% guarantee of the birth of a child makes Feskov Human Reproduction Group programs the best solution for surrogacy. We are waiting for your requests!


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