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Egg Donor Database – How to Find a “Good” Donor?

There are many different assisted reproductive technologies aimed at treating problems of infertility that many people face today. Egg donation is one of them; the method is recommended to a couple who cannot achieve pregnancy due to female infertility. The age of the woman and the reserve of her ovaries are the main factors causing the issue. By using donor eggs or donor embryos (in some cases), infertile women can bear and give birth to a healthy child. However, cases of male infertility causing the problem of child conception are not rare as well. If you are looking for the solution needed to treat infertility, read the below information about the procedure, the ways on how to find an agency or an egg donor bank, and requirements to an egg/ sperm donor.

The use of donor sex cells is becoming more common every day, especially among women over the age of forty. In 2000, using donor eggs was just 10% of all the manipulations associated with assisted reproductive technologies. Nowadays, the procedure is a widely applied practice, which has high success rates of achieving the wanted pregnancy. Thus, all those seeking an egg donor can easily find a database with a catalog of profiles to choose from the list. What is more, such online sites provide you access to the registry of egg donors whose frozen material you can use for artificial insemination. For that, you need to sign a contract with them.

Selecting an Egg Donor – How to Pick the Right Candidate?

As a general rule, most egg donors are anonymous. However, in case a couple prefers to know a donor whose sex cells will be used for artificial insemination, they can use the material from their friends and relatives. Whatever the case is, an agreement with the egg donor is to be concluded, in which all the terms and conditions should be clearly stated. The document should cover all the aspects of the procedure and be notarized. In this case, the contract can protect rights of the two parties and prevent all possible issues associated with the procedure.

If you need egg donors, it makes sense to ask the agency for advice picking donors who have undergone a full medical examination. At the same time, choosing a donor yourself on classifieds is also possible, but there is a very serious shortcoming: you will need to make sure the donor has passed all medical tests to define his/ her health condition. What is more, it is extremely important to test prospective donors for the presence of most hereditary ailments or diseases such as HIV and syphilis. This also applies to women who plan to use donor sperm.

Choosing an egg donor is a responsible and complex process since the qualitative genetic material used for conception is imperative for the strong health of a newborn. Far from every person can participate in an egg donation program since there are many requirements for an egg donor:

  • Age from 18 to 37 years;
  • Having an own healthy baby;
  • The absence of phenotypic features, bad habits, chronic and genetic diseases;
  • The absence of excess weight;
  • The absence of contraindications to induction of superovulation and puncture of follicles.

The list of requirements can be extended based on the individual preferences of a couple, as well as prerequisites of a clinic where the procedure of artificial insemination will be performed. This list is a small part of our full database which is renewed weekly

What Is the Procedure a Getting a Donor Egg?

If a couple needs to use a donor egg, the private clinic that will perform the treatment makes a request to the bank, where a suitable donor is selected. Usually, when choosing a donor, the following parameters are evaluated:

  • Group and Rh factor of blood – it is impossible to select an egg donor without taking into account her blood group and Rh factor. Mothers with negative Rh factor should choose a donor with the same Rh factor; otherwise, there is a risk of pregnancy termination. If fetal blood has a positive Rh factor, the mother's body produces antibodies that destroy the red blood cells. This leads to severe developmental disorders, including miscarriage and stillbirth.
  • Body type – growth and physique of an egg donor should roughly coincide with the client’s. Weight usually means nothing, because even a girl with a genetic predisposition to overweight can be slim if she follows a diet and spends a lot of time in the gym.
  • The color of hair and eyes – several genes in the body are responsible for the amount of pigment, so it is impossible to accurately predict what color of eyes and hair the child will have.

Choosing a good egg donor can take a lot of time. That is why it is better to contact premium agencies with a large selection of donor biomaterial.