Transportation of cryopreserved embryos

Logistic services of cryopreserved embryos transportation
2 500€

The service of the first trip of your embryo/semen/egg

For the surrogacy program, egg donation and preimplantation genetic diagnosis, we transport your cryopreserved embryos/semen/eggs to Ukraine to the Clinic of professor Feskov.

Your cryopreserved embryos give many additional features as follows:

The possibility to perform the surrogacy programs in:

1. Ukraine, if it is prohibited in your country.

2. You only need to come to the labor of your surrogate mother.

3. If you transport semen for the egg donation program, you can save time and money of your husband on flights and accommodation in Ukraine.

The cost includes the services of a customs broker, logistician of the Center, customs duties, and courier services.

The cost depends on the region from which cryopreserved material is exported.

Information on the first travel service for your embryo.

Transportation of cryopreserved genetic material to Ukraine package

Region name



from 2 500

Western Europe 

1 500-2 800 EURO 


 from 2 500 EURO 

The Middle East 

from 1 500 EURO

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